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Window Treatments We're Loving

We just attended an event- Hunter Douglas Premiers to get the deets on all the new products....which got us excited and sparked the idea of this week's blog post! We're currently wondering why we haven't covered window treatments yet?! Silly us....

We're going to touch on the different types of window treatments that we're using and loving. Let's get into it ladies and gentlemen!

*All products are featuring Hunter Douglas*

#1 Silhouette

The Silhouette line is a great option for a more classic look. They are going to give the subtle privacy needed when open and closed and allows in natural light that everyone desires while open. Although they are a bit more sheer, they are a great option to achieve a very airy and light look.

#2 Roman

Roman shades are a great for all different styles. They can be installed in a very classic traditional home or even a modern home! It really depends on the fabric selection, and there are so many different choices that there's an option for everyone! The style of the shades is timeless and they check all the boxes of privacy, light, and aesthetics. There are multiple operating systems that also help when working with certain styles and add an element of convenience.

via Hunter Douglas

#3 Roller Shades

We always save the best for last! Roller shades are subtle, sleek, and get the job done. There are SO many different options when it comes to roller shades which makes them applicable to pretty much any project. Similar to the others, the color and fabric selection can really transform the look. What we love about roller shades is that they're flat so they don't draw attention....which lets the other elements of design shine. You can use just these on their own for a modern feel or add side panel draperies for a more cozy, finished look in other design aesthetics.

Aside from these there is always an option of drapery panels in lieu or in addition to these particular shades, which is also a very versatile option! We really love that many other designers, contractors, homeowners, etc. are making more of a transition to doing these type of window treatments. We really believe in quality for all products but it's especially important that your window treatments are of high quality! Which is why we love Hunter Douglas ;)

We hope you all love this little 411 on our favorite window treatments (how many times can we say window treatments?)! Which style is your favorite? If you have any questions leave a comment below or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors and we will be sure to answer them. Have a great week everyone and check back next week for another post!




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