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2023 Design Trends to be on the lookout for

How are we already almost halfway through January? Time is passing by, and it's in with the new, out with the old. Below are 5 trends we expect to see a whole lot of throughout the year.

1) More Wood Tones

Expect to see a lot more wood tones this year, leaning into the darker, moody side of things.


Dark academia by Amy Pigliacampo Interiors

2) Wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a comeback over the last couple years, and the trend is only getting stronger. You have probably noticed a lot of wallpapered powder baths, mostly because they are small and easy to make a statement with. We see this trend expanding to bigger spaces as well.

3) Texture

Think plaster and textural designs. This dreamy hood in the kitchen of @chrislovesjulia is a prime example, as well as the decorative wall panels on the fireplace below.

4) Mouldings

We are seeing a lot more decorative moulding in interiors. It adds interest, texture, and a bit of nostalgia to past eras.

5) Bold Colors

Color is making a comeback! After many years of all white and gray trends, you'll see a lot more color this year in bold, moody hues. Maybe it's an accent furniture piece, a whole moody bedroom color scheme, or even things such as marble with lots of veining like the gorgeous one below in blue. The world is your oyster, bring on the color!



We love hearing your feedback, let us know which trends you like or dislike, and what you think will be big this year! You can find us over on Instagram:




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