Meet Our Team


Founder, owner, and head designer of Naomie Wert Interiors Inc.    Naomie does anything and everything when it comes to running     her company. She's been in the interior design industry for              11 years, and started her own business in 2014, coming on 5          years! Naomie specializes in high end design and has a keen         eye for getting everything perfect down to the smallest detail.         She can nail any style whether its modern, contemporary, or          traditional, she can do it all! Her clients always come first and       she really listens to what they're looking for. She                           communicates thoroughly with clients, contractors, and                vendors and her confidence and humor is radiating! Naomie is   truly the backbone of this company and we can't say enough amazing things about her.


                  Kaitlin started with this company in 2017 and quickly became        Naomie's right hand lady! Her responsibilities include: billing, book-              keeping emailing/calling vendors, coordinating events, etc. In a             nutshell, project and office management. She's our numbers gal!            Kaitlin is able to give Naomie more time to work on her tasks more                  efficiently. Without Kaitlin doing what she does, we wouldn't be            able to function as a team. She always communicates with vendors               and clients with such joy and gets answers to questions we need.                              Round of applause to Kaitlin and all that she does for us.


Newest to the team, Nicole joined recently in 2018. She is currently attending    school to receive a degree in Interior Design and takes on the title of design      assistant and runs social media accounts here. Nicole is responsible for           taking on smaller tasks or projects so that Naomie can have time for larger,        more time-consuming projects! Whether that's picking out fabrics,                    emailing/calling vendors, paint consultations, or finding products to put in       someone's home. Nicole has also become responsible for social media          and blog posts. She does everything with a smile and her main goal is to        make clients, readers and people in the workplace happy!


Our team mascot! The cutest ball of fluff that                 always brings a smile to our faces.

When it boils down to it, we work together as a team. We each have our roles and what we're responsible for, but we also help each other grow and learn!


1528 N. Main Street #105 Walnut Creek, CA 94596

P: 925.322.0186


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