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Why #WeLoveWhatWeDo

If you follow us on Social Media, you may notice that we always hashtag #welovewhatwedo. Although our job gets difficult and crazy at times, being an Interior Designer is so rewarding! From a little decor action to a whole house remodel, and everything in between, we truly do love what we do and here's just a few of many reasons why!

{Helping People & Building Relationships}

Being an interior designer, we get to help people in a very special and unique way. People allow us to come into their homes (their most sacred place) to help them create a space that they love. We are lucky enough to have some of the most incredible clients that make our job that much more enjoyable. We also get to work alongside some of the most amazing contractors, builders, vendors, manufacturers, and other people in the trade industry. Getting to build relationships with all the people we work with is not only the most important part of our job but the most rewarding part of our job.

{Let's be real, it's super fun}

Not everyone gets to be as creative as we do on a day to day basis for their job. When it comes down to it, aside from all of the knitty gritty work, we have so much fun doing what we do. Getting to make custom choices and select finishes, lighting, furniture, and accessories is super exciting.

{The Final Outcome}

There is something so incredibly rewarding about the final stages of a project. Projects can sometimes take up to two years to be completed especially if it's new construction. So as you can imagine, when we get to a point where the project is wrapping up it is such an amazing feeling. To see our's and everyone else's hard work come together into a seamlessly beautiful design is another one of the most rewarding aspects of our job. The whole process is rewarding, but being able to stand back and look at what the team has created and the transformations that take place is so heartwarming.

As we said, there are SO many reasons why our job is so rewarding but we just wanted to touch on a few of the main reasons :) We hope you all loved our post, stay tuned for a "How To: Paint Colors" next week! As always, keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors for some behind-the-scenes and progress photos of our current projects. Hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving, and don't go too crazy on Black Friday ;)




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