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Viva Las Vegas

I am two days away from entering an Interior Designer's paradise, the Las Vegas Market Winter 2018! It is five days of intense shopping for present and future clients. Although it may seem like a getaway from the office its a packed week with lots to discover and learn from the 100's of vendors attending. I am sharing what I do to prepare for the ultimate market experience.

A look into my suitcase on what I pack to stay comfortable but stylish throughout my time in Vegas.

(We have a little one here trying to sneak into my suitcase..)

1. Comfortable shoes, and what is better than a perfect pair of burgundy flats. 2. Flexible pants that allow me to test the comfort of chairs, beds, benches, stools, ect. 3. Loose professional tops that are flattering but allow full movement. 4. A backpack! Usually, I take a big bag that has room for catalogs but after five days your arms are about ready to fall off. It also allows for evenly distributed weight to both shoulders. 5. My notebook, pens, and camera are always easily accessible. Note taking with pictures is key when walking showroom to showroom, as you can imagine it all starts to blend.

Now that I am packed and ready to go, I have also done my research on what items I am looking for, for each client and what vendors will be attending. Although I have many favorites I have added those who I am most looking forward to visiting:

Arteriors- I love Arterior's quirky sensibility of their luxurious lighting, wall decor and decorative accessories.

Daleno- They have so much variety! Their collection of fun, funky art is created with premium embellished gicleés on canvas, acrylic art and framed art.

Four Hands- This furniture is the perfect mix of materials, eclectic style and a fun addition to any space.

Jaipur- Love, love, love the assortment of these colorful quality rugs!

You can follow my market journey on Instagram! Would love to hear if any of you are attending and/or suggestions you may have from attending in past years.


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