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Trends for 2019

We're already in the second week of January?! We've been playing catch up this past week after the holidays and time is already going by so fast. With a couple projects finished, and wrapping up, we were thinking about all the trends that came about in 2018. A lot of them will probably carry over into this year, and it's hard to predict what trends we'll see this year, but we definitely have some ideas of what we may see more of.

#1 Hunter Green

Hunter and muted green accents became significantly popular recently and we plan to see it continue for quite a while longer. One of the most popular uses has been in the kitchen, whether it's a pop of color on the island, backsplash, or maybe just a fun barstool. Green is also being used to cozy up living rooms or offices as an accent wall. For a moodier look, we're seeing the hunter green in luxurious upholstery. We are definitely on board with this trend and not complaining about it carrying into the new year.

First Photo: via Instagram @chrislovesjulia, Second Photo: via Pinterest, Third Photo: current project in progress; island paint color: Farrow & Ball Studio Green

#2 Brass Hardware

Brass hardware is another popular trend that we have been seeing for a while. And we believe it will continue throughout this year. We use brass hardware on a lot of our projects and always love how it turns out. It adds a certain subtle warmth to a space, especially if you are using a lot of White and Gray in the space. Brass hardware especially looks really sleek with a white or dark finish behind it in a kitchen or bathroom. We definitely use it more with our modern and industrial projects and prefer how it looks with those styles. When used with a more traditional style that's when brass can start to look dated.

First and Second Photos: El Nido project, Third Photo: Sky Terrace project (progress photo)

#3 White

The color white has absolutely taken over the design world. Some people are ready for this to be done but we are still in love with how clean and fresh everything looks. This is a trend that we think will stick around for a while longer, but may start to die down. It makes its mark prominently in kitchens and bathrooms, mainly due to the fact that it looks clean and sleek. White automatically brightens up a space and makes it feel more airy. We think it may make a transition from a primary color of a space to more of an accent color.

Top Left Photo: Sky Terrace project, Bottom Left Photo: Betty Lane 1 project, Right Photo: El Nido project

#4 Color

Not that we don't love the neutrals, but we're hoping to see a little more color. Towards the end of 2018, we started to see more color incorporated into projects. We currently have a project that's very eclectic that has a lot of color and different finishes going on, but it works. We feel like color sometimes scares people just because maybe they don't know how to work with it. We're here to tell you color is good for a space, and there are ways to incorporate it without it being too overwhelming. Instead of using super bright colors, opt. for a more muted or richer color. We're starting to see more pops of color in accessories, accent furniture, kitchen islands, backsplash tile, and accent walls. Putting color in specific areas instead of the entire space will make all the difference and if you're bold paint an entire space in a dark hue and allow the transformation to wow you.

First Photo: previous Living Room remodel, Second and Third Photos: via Pinterest

What trends do you want to see this year? Or what trends do you want to see go away? Let us know in the comments! Keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors for all current project updates. Stayed tuned for next week's post!



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