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This is how we roll... Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our step by step design process blog series. This week we are sharing phases 2, 3 and 4. Each of these steps are shorter and go by what seems so fast once drawings are approved and construction gets started. All leading to the final installation day!

So far we have had our initial consultation meeting, we sent over a proposal and gathered all the measurements and photos of the space. On to Phase 2..

Schematic Design: During this phase we will use our site visit notes to develop the preliminary design through initial drawings and design concept. The design concept will evoke the overall desired feeling of the space and will help inform future design making.

Design Development: As the project progresses, we will enhance the preliminary design for the client's project. This may include reviewing finish schemes and lighting selections or finalizing floor plans + architectural details for the space.

Once I am ready to present the final design and all is approved, Phase 3 begins and it is all hands on deck!

Final Presentation: At the beginning of phase three, we will finalize all approved elements from the phase two design concept boards.

Construction: If the project requires drawings for renovations, they will be issued at this time to the appropriate industry professionals for construction.

Procurement + Project Management: In this step, we will create and track all purchase orders necessary for the client's project. We will also work with industry professionals to ensure the project is being implemented as we envisioned.

Finally, best for last is Phase 4:

Installation: In the final phase of the project, we will coordinate installation of all purchased items including furniture, art + accessories to ensure no design detail is overlooked and your space is completed to perfection. At this time we also request the client's approval to photograph the space for our portfolio.

That's a wrap! A house has now transformed into a home that the client's love. We have learned so much ourselves in writing these steps and sharing our process with you.

(Also, stay tuned for the installation of the client's home who's pictures are used above!)


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