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This is how we roll...

We are starting this month with part one of a two part blog series on my step by step design process. I talk through each step and how my clients and I work together to design the home of their dreams. Everyone's approach is a little different and I love hearing what others find successful in their own techniques.

So here it goes ... phase 1:

Once a referral has been made we set up a time for a consultation and my design mind kicks into gear. My creative process begins by listening carefully to potential clients while contemplating how design can make their lives more beautiful.

Consultation: Although every design project is different, a consultation is always the first step in the process. We believe a successful project starts with clear communication to ensure our client's needs are met. This consultation will include an overview of the existing spaces, their goals for the project, a rough timeline for completion and hopefully an estimated budget. The initial meeting with a client is so important to not only get a feel for the space but also for them as a person (or couple). Personalities and interests play a big role in helping me to create a space that works with their everyday lifestyle.

Proposal: Based on the consultation, we present the client with a personalized Letter of Agreement also known as an LOA. It outlines the project's scope and estimated design fees. This step is crucial in order to keep an open line of communication with the client. Upon approval of the agreement and payment of the project retainer, we get started!

Information gathering + site survey: This is when the fun starts! Once contracts are signed, sealed and delivered we then schedule a time to visit the site to take proper measurements and photos of the space. As a designer it makes our lives so much easier if we are provided CAD files by either the architect or drawings from the city. This not only makes the initial process a little bit faster but also provides more accuracy. The client is then asked to find images and concepts they love! This sometimes requires them to peruse Pinterest or Houzz (at least its fun!). We use this information to help develop plans, elevations, and details for their home. During this time, we also bring in the additional trades required, if they have not already been selected.

Now that phase 1 is complete, check back next week for the final phases!

Hint can you say demo day!


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