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Techome... say what?

Naomie is back in the office and recovering from a long weekend of home technology education at TechomeX 2018! We are doing a recap of some of her most favorite take aways from the events showcase.

1. Laundry Jet- This goes out to all the mamas that have to pick up after their children, and husbands on a daily basis. This technology allows you to install a portal in each closet, or where ever is most convenient for your loved ones to easily pick up their own dirty laundry and send it through a chute that ends up in a laundry basket in your laundry room! How amazing is that? Super easy, inconspicuous, convenient and fun for kids! Be sure to add this to your "want" list when remodeling your home.

2. Blue Ion 2.0- Off the grid living. Who knew there was technology out there that allows you to store your own energy and become self sufficient and take yourself off the grid? It's long lasting residential (& could be used commercially) energy storage. There's no maintenance and you can literally monitor it from your phone. If you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and live the responsible way...say Bye bye to PG&E bills!

3. Devialet- For those that are not fully committed to installing a sound system in their home, look no further. This company came up with an amazing product that allows music lovers to enjoy their music in a unique way. It's the best wireless speaker around, and probably best looking -with its sleek European design.

4. Inmotion- Who doesn't love enormous floor to ceiling automated doors and windows? Larger doors with expansive openings are becoming more and more popular. As the doors grow in size so does the "pull strength" of the client. Inmotion is an automated system for multi -sliding panel doors and windows. It integrates with the technology most home automation entails and you can sync it to your phone with their app!

5. Infratech- Thee best outdoor heaters around. There is no better way to heat your outdoor space! Their technology is better than the gas options on the market. It's virtually maintenance free and super efficient. They've come up with a sleek design with a low profile that can be automated as well.

There was so much information and so many great products to incorporate into our projects depending on the extent of technology wanted by our clients. If you are at all interested check out these websites and feel free to call us to discuss adding these features to your home! Well, that's a wrap. I hope you enjoyed this mini recap of our current favs!


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