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Summer Lovin'

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

This summer has been a whirlwind with all of the projects we are working on and this heat is a killer! But we know we're going to miss all the summer trends when we move into the chillier months. With that being said, we wanted to share some of our favorite summer design trends before it's gone!

#1 Vibrant Colors

Color can work at any time of the year with different shades or even dependent on what the style of your space is. Summer is definitely the perfect time to bring some vibrant pops of color into your life. Whether it's through pillows, tabletop accessories, artwork, and we especially love color in outdoor spaces!

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#1 Greenery

Including some plants and greenery add such a lively element to the space and really give all the summer vibes!

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#3 Wicker

Wicker furniture is definitely more specific to certain styles such as boho or coastal, but it can still be incorporated in other ways as a more universal material.

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#4 Natural Finishes

We are fans of lighter, more natural finishes year round because they can totally brighten up a space. If done correctly, natural finishes can be incorporated into most styles, however similarly to wicker, it is definitely more common in boho and coastal design.

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That about wraps up our favorite summer trends! As we mentioned, these can be year round but we definitely feel like if Summer was a style, it would include these elements. What are your favorite summer trends? Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! What do you guys think about a "How-To" post on plants and greenery?....stay tuned




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