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Staying Inspired

Being in the design world isn't always easy. Let's be real, no job is easy. Just like everyone else there are days where we lack inspiration or motivation. BUT we still have work to do and there are ways to get us back in the spirit!

One of our favorite ways to stay inspired is to find some fun and motivational quotes. There's nothing like some powerful words to get you back into the groove! Pinterest always has some really great (and cute) motivational quotes.

Via Pinterest

While we're on the topic of Pinterest, another really great way to stay inspired is researching design! We absolutely LOVE our job, but there are definitely times when we feel brain blocked or stuck on a project. Sometimes we are able to find spaces that have a similar layout or similar style that we're going for. That can help us spark an idea and get past that creative funk! It also allows us to network with other designers and build each other up!

Via Pinterest

One of the best ways to stay inspired and motivated is surrounding ourselves with like-minded people, as well as people who will encourage and lift us up. Personal relationships hold such an impact on getting us through this crazy thing called life! And that doesn't just stop at our friends and families, but it goes for our team, and extends to clients and people we work with as well. Having solid people around us without a doubt keeps us motivated and inspired!

Who or what keeps YOU inspired? Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors. We'll be back with another post next Monday.....stay tuned!




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