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Project Update

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It's been a while since we gave an update on all of our current projects, and boy do we have a lot!! Drumroll please.....

Acalanes Ave.

This whole home spec project is almost done!! Yes, we said almost done. We are so excited to get in and take some final photos in the next wee or so to share with everyone. Let's just say the navy island was definitely a good choice ;) Stay tuned!

Betty Lane #3

We have another spec home project on Betty Lane! It's more of a "coming soon" project, but we will be getting the plans shortly to get it started. We already have so many fun ideas! See below for a potential bathroom concept.

Bradley Ave.

As mentioned in our previous "Current Projects" post, this modern mediterranean remodel is going to be jaw dropping. We have pretty much everything spec'd out and 97% of the finishes are finalized. However, there is an addition being added on to this remodel, so the permitting was quite a hassle! With permits finalized, we can finally get moving on this super fun project. We just got together with the clients and a landscape architect to go over that portion, which is really going to be exciting for everyone. This project holds a special place in our hearts and we can't wait to see it start to come together!

Canyon Lakes Way

We have started demo on this project ladies and gents! Well, to be more specific, the actual "demo" portion of it is done, but the contractors are still working on electrical, plumbing & all that fun stuff. We just sent over some of our concepts for lighting and furniture (see below) to hopefully get that ordered soon which is really getting us excited to see our visions come to life. The clients are headed out of the country for a month, so we're hoping to have a big reveal for when they get back! IF things can move that quickly!

Circle Creek

This is the classic meets modern farmhouse new build previously mentioned in the "Current Project" blog post. Similarly to the Bradley Ave project, getting all the permits for everything and dealing with the city has not been easy! Luckily, we've been able to nail down all of the finishes for everything so that when they do break ground we can get the ball rolling quickly.

Dealy Lane

This is a new project! This is a WHOLE home remodel in the gorgeous Napa Valley. It's the most beautiful property and we feel honored to give them an entirely new space. It is their original home and it has really good bones, it just needs a little refresh and design input. We're going for a really clean look, it definitely lends towards modern farmhouse but it will keep some of it's original charm. It's definitely still in the preliminary stages, we have to finalize some details on the layout and then we can move forward with finishes, lighting, etc.

Lomond Circle

Another new project! We're going to be transforming a small traditional kitchen, to a totally new open layout with all new finishes and flooring, giving the space a more updated, transitional feel.

Rani Ct.

This modern new build is also so close to wrapping up! There are some finishing touches to the interior, and landscaping that need to be completed but it's SO close. We just met to go over adding some new furniture here and there which is also getting us very excited to see it finished.

Still Creek

With all new finishes, flooring, lighting, a new kitchen layout, a new master bath/closet layout, and an exterior "facelift" we are giving this home a totally new look. It was more of a traditional home, and we're definitely taking it to a modern look with some underlying farmhouse elements. The exterior will get some fresh paint and all the windows will have black framing to really tie the whole home together! They are still in the demo phase, getting everything prepped for sheetrock.

In addition to all of these projects, we also have 5 whole spec homes in Santa Rosa and 3 smaller furnishings projects. Let's just say we're a little busy over here, but we aren't complaining one bit! If you haven't yet, make sure to give us a follow on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors to follow along with some behind the scenes to these projects! As always, stay tuned for next week's blog post...




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