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Phases of Design: Phase 4 Cont...Construction Documents

As we've mentioned before, not all aspects of design are glamorous and "fun".(Although some of us think this stage is fun!) This phase is just one of those things. Not all designers are a part of the construction documents phase, or part of any construction elements for that matter. However, we are NOT those designers. We love to be to know whats going on during all phases and aspects, to better ensure the design turns out as we envision and we have complete creative control.

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Construction documents are technical drawings that are given to each contractor and sub-contractor involved (i.e. general contractor, electricians, carpenters, plumbers....the list goes on). As we always say, there are a lot of moving parts in design. These are also important because they are required for building permits!

The construction documents get reviewed by each sub contractor and they give their bid to the contractor. A bid is a set price presented for what their time/materials are worth. The contractor is then able to firm up his overall price for the project. There are a few different ways they quote; a Cost-Plus construction agreement in which the owner pays the contractor the actual costs of the materials and labor plus an additional negotiated fee or percentage over that amount (the contractors profit), most popular. Some contractors go with a fixed bid, while others prefer a Time-and-materials contract that involves the vendor billing the client for the cost of materials, as well as an hourly rate for the different types of labor involved on the project.

It is important that the construction documents are tedious and accurate so that the contractor can present the most accurate bid. It's never fun for surprises to pop up at this point in the project. At this stage communication is key. The better the drawings, the more time, money, and frustration are minimized and errors are avoided.

Like we mentioned, this is one of those pieces of design that isn't all that glamorous and is a very tedious part of a project. Another reason why it's so important to have open communication with everyone involved! Let us know if you have any thoughts or questions in the comments below....orrr over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! Make sure to check back next week for the final phase of design!




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