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Phases of Design: Phase 3...Schematic

Phase 3 is one of the most fun and exciting phases of the design process (but let's be real, they're all fun to us!). This is when we really get to finalize all of our ideas and bring them all together into one beautiful creation. The schematic phase is still all on paper (or computer), aside from all of the finish options.

*Elevation for current project

After meeting with the client and reviewing the concepts we can make adjustments to better suit the home (i.e. problems and constraints). After analyzing all different constraints and communicating with the contractor, then we can turn it into a more detailed design. The detailed design will usually be comprised of schematic drawings- elevations and floor plans. We then send those drawings over to the contractor for a preliminary cost estimate, and may need to make revisions based on the client's budget.

When the drawings have been revised, we can move on to the schematic presentation. The presentation varies between designers and really just depends on what you're specific skill set is. It may include: floor plans, elevations, perspective drawings, computer renderings, or material boards. Every designer usually presents floor plans and elevations, the rest are totally up to preference and what is needed for the client to visualize their new home. Now it's presentation time! This meeting with the clients will be the kickstart to really setting the design in motion. During this meeting however, more likely than not the client will request some changes....usually minor.

Interior sketch by @tatia_chel

That just about wraps up phase #3! Next week we'll be going over the design development phase, so make sure to check back. Keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors for all the behind the scenes and updates on projects. Have a great week readers!




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