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Phases of Design: Phase 2...Conceptual

Sometimes it's easy to let all of the phases flow together, but it's important to try and keep them as uniform as possible, while keeping it a seamless process for the client (to the best of our abilities). Last week we went over the first phase of the design process, which was the programming phase. This week we're going to touch on Phase #2...the conceptual phase!

Image Credit: Daria Minaeva - Fotolia

The conceptual phase is all about taking the information we receive from the client during the initial phase of collection inspiration and turning it into ideas. This may include multiple rough sketches or notes that slowly evolve into solid ideas, or maybe it's a simpler process. It honestly all depends on the project! No project is built equal and sometimes there really is only one unique solution for different aspects of the project. Once there are multiple ideas it ultimately comes down to a process of evaluation and elimination. Keep in mind, the conceptual phase is a general design idea, so it doesn't have to be perfect.

"The goal is to gain the client's agreement to a broadly defined design intention" - Academy of Art University, San Francisco

After we have designs that inspire the project chosen, it's time to meet with the client again! Meeting and communicating with the client throughout the project is top priority. This meeting in particular is to really hone in on what the client likes/dislikes about the conceptual designs, so that we can move forward with the final drawings. It is also a good idea to bring different materials such as cabinet finishes, tile, paint colors, etc. to give the client that much more of a visual of what our ideas entail.

What happens next? Make sure to check back next week for the next phase of the design process. As always, keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors, lots of exciting stuff coming up! Oh and Happy Presidents' Day #merica!




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