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Phases of Design.....Phase 1: Programming

Over the next few weeks we are going to really dive in to the different phases of design. Basically, the whole design process from start to finish is broken up into 6 phases. These phases help us to stay on track and we're hoping it will give our readers a deeper understanding of what goes into a project!

The first design phase is referred to as the "Programming Phase". Now you might be confused as to why it's called programming because your first thought is probably related to computer programming. But, when you really think of the word programming, it pretty much just refers to "preparing" or the process of getting something ready. So to be less confusing, think of it as the "Prep Phase".

This phase is solely dedicated to the clients. Meeting with them a couple times, or maybe just once, we're able to ask questions and get a feel for the space. Understanding the clients' wants, needs, goals, values, and priorities will set the stage for the rest of the phases. Communication is key! This phase is also when we figure out what the clients' issues are/what they want to change, as well as what structural issues we may need to work around (i.e. a load bearing wall/column, windows, plumbing, etc.). When we identify those concerns early on, it presents less obstacles moving forward.

Getting an understanding for the clients' requirements regarding functionality in addition to how they want it to look aesthetically makes all the difference. Hence why it is the FIRST phase. It is also very important to identify a budget right off the bat so we are all on the same page and can set their/our expectation from the beginning.

We hope you guys enjoyed this week's blog post and got a little insight to the first phase of the design process. If you have any questions you can either leave them below or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! Stay tuned for next week's post! What do you think the second phase is?




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