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New Style Blend: Japandi

Source: Decorilla

There's a new blend of styles that we've seen, called Japandi. It's a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles (Japanese + Scandi). Think Japanese minimalism and decluttered spaces, combined with Scandinavian functionality and cozy rustic textures. Colors are often subtle and muted, and there is an emphasis on natural, handcrafted elements and wood tones. Here are some tips we've picked up from inspiration photos on how to add elements of Japandi style into your home.

1. Warm White Base

Sometimes, a stark white can be the perfect base for a room. But if you're wanting to incorporate more of a Japandi aesthetic, go for a warm white such as Shoji White by Sherwin Williams. It will still give you a nice neutral base while adding a more comforting vibe.

Source: Nordiskakok

2. Wood Feature Walls

Slatted wood walls are a common feature in Japandi interiors. The natural wood brings in great texture and architectural interest. They can also serve as partition walls, reminiscent of Japanese shoji screens that are used as room dividers.

Source: Ras-A Studio

3. Embrace Natural Light

Scandinavian design is often known for being bright and airy, and Japandi takes influence from that as well. Large windows that make you feel connected to the outdoors also bring in more light. Light fixtures should be minimal and blend in with the rest of the design.

4. Bring in the Greenery

From luscious live plants to dried branches and botanicals, there are many ways to add elements of nature that evoke the Japandi style. Choose textured planters made of materials such as concrete, wood, and ceramic. Faux plants work too if you don't have a green thumb, but real plants will really make the space feel more zen and closer to nature.

5. Find Handcrafted Accessories

When adding the finishing touches to your space, try to source items that showcase craftsmanship and natural materials. Linen pillows and drapery, handmade pottery, and woven baskets are some examples of decor that can tie in all of your Japandi elements. Just make sure your selections are meaningful and that the accessories aren't overdone.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to Japandi interior design. These were just a few recommendations on how you can refresh your space with this calming and refreshing design style. Check out our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors for more inspo and to keep up to date with all of our exciting new projects. Let us know if you try any of these tips!



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