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Trends of 2020

It may already be March (um how crazy is that?), but we wanted to look at some trends that we're already seeing for this year!


We saw arches making a bit of a come back towards the end of 2019 but we're seeing them a lot more! They bring in such a timeless element to a home without being too bold. We're definitely seeing them more so in modern mediterranean style homes, but other designers are incorporating them into some modern, contemporary, and farmhouse style homes as well! They can be used in doorways, windows, and even mirrors.

Wood Materials

Wood tones will never go out of style, but we've definitely noticed it being used more and more in pretty much any style home. Whether it's cabinetry, beams, or furniture wood tones will always immediately add some warmth to a space! Not to mention, you can get pretty much any finish your heart desires nowadays which makes it super universal. Adding in wood elements can also make any space feel more organic and timeless.

Earth Tones

Neutrals have always been a go to for a lot of people, but we're especially noticing a more popular use of earthy tones in design. This goes for tile, lighting, furniture, and any other sort of finishes. We aren't talking earth tones such as beiges.....we're talking muted greens, blues, oranges, and clay tones. It's definitely different, but if done right we're so here for it!

Those are just a couple trends we've been noticing! Are there any you guys have seen?! Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors. Check back next week for another fun post!




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