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Perfect Paints

Paint is one of those tricky things that can really change the look of a space or it can easily look "a little off", which is why we wanted to share some safe choices. There are an abundance of paint options out there with different undertones and different values, so getting it right can be quite complicated. Take a look at some of our top picks & feel free to use as inspiration in your upcoming projects!

Whites are the hardest, in our opinion since there are literally hundreds of options, getting it just right can be hard. And just what are you looking for in your White paint? Pure White by Sherwin Williams IS White but has a nice warm undertone. Chantily Lace by Benjamin Moore is our go-to White because it is crisp and bright, but never feels stark or sterile. Alabaster is also a warm White, without feeling too creamy for those that are on the fence of a bright White! Simply White by Benjamin Moore is the perfect soft white (warm, but not too creamy).

We hope this helps in your future paint decisions which can get a little overwhelming since picking the perfect color is not always that easy! Obviously each color is going to look different in different spaces depending on the natural light & wired lighting in your home, so we always recommend swatching or taping up a sample, but these are pretty safe choices! As always follow along with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors and check back next week for another blog!



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