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Phases of Design: Phase 5...Construction Administration Phase

The final phase!! This is really when teamwork makes the dream work ladies and gentlemen. As designers, we are quite involved in this phase (at least we should be). The Construction Admin phase is when all of the construction begins and our role is to observe and make sure everything is being executed according to the construction documents and our vision and catching anything that could become an issue later on.

Let's be real, things happen, drawings and details can be misinterpretted, challenges arise and that's unfortunately just part of each project. Which is why it's so crucial for us to be in communication with the with everyone involved to catch things before costly mistakes occur. Unfortunately there are times when mistakes still happen, there are a lot of moving parts. BUT if that does happen we can usually improvise to lessen the mistake, or turn it into a design improvement! Either way, everything always works out in the end.

Phases of current project...before, during, after (still in progress)

As mentioned before, we are very involved during this phase. It can vary from project to project depending on the clients. Sometimes during this phase the contractor or client will only call you when there is a question or problem. Most of the time the contractor has us on speed dial to visit the job site often....which we have no problem with because we want everything to go smoothly!

We get overly excited when this phase of the project rolls around because we get to see all of our ideas come to life. In some cases if the clients would like to furnish the home as well, there is the additional phase designing furniture and then installing and styling, which is also super fun.

Thanks for tuning in for this fun little series of the design process! We hope y'all learned a lot and got a better insight as to what our job entails. What do you guys want to read about? Any questions about what we do? Or maybe y'all want to see some tips and tricks for a certain something! Let us know down in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors. Until then....have a great week!




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