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Myths About Interior Designer(s)

Welcome back ladies and gents! The blog has definitely been lacking content lately but we're back and ready to share lots of juicy posts for you guys. We're coming at you today with common myths about interior design or interior designers. This career is definitely misunderstood by a lot of different people so we're here to debunk those myths and set the record straight ;)

Canyon Lakes job site a few months ago

#1 "So do you guys stage houses and pick furniture?"

Oh this is probably the most common myth of interior design. Can we spec furniture and provide clients with incredible custom pieces? Absolutely. Do we stage homes to sell? Definitely not. We take furnishing projects here and there, but primarily we focus on new home builds, whole home remodels, and kitchen and bath renovations. Those projects include: exterior design, configuring spaces to make the most sense visually and functionally (i.e. taking away/adding walls), designing cabinetry layout, lighting plans, selecting materials (i.e. tile, cabinet finishes, flooring, hardware, lighting, window treatments etc.). We provide furniture when requested by the client. Interior DECORATORS are usually your go to ladies for most furniture needs. However most often there is a difference of where the furniture is sourced. Designers often times shop directly through manufacturers that are not available to the general public, making the furniture pieces much more custom!

#2 "Design seems so fun and easy!"

We most definitely have a ton of fun with what we do, but it is not by any means easy. Interior design is a creative career choice, but that doesn't mean it's all rainbows and butterflies. Many people think that we just get to go look at tile and fabrics and paint and call it a day. That would be amazing if that's what our day looked like! We do get to look at a lot of materials, but it takes a lot of time to get the materials we need and make sure they all work together. When sourcing materials, we're also constantly in communication with showrooms, manufacturers, and installers. In addition to the material selections we're responsible for drawings which include floor plans and elevations. Drawings also take a lot of time and we tend to have to go back and adjust things.

95% of the time, we seem to take on a project manager role which requires a lot of work in itself. Making sure everyone on the job is communicating, making sure everything is happening in a timely manor, making sure the clients are happy, and making sure everyone has everything they need for the job to be completed. During a project, obstacles tend to pop up along the way... whether it's a surprise during demolition, or a material goes on backorder, there's always something that has to be dealt with! There is also a lot of behind the scene work that design business owners have to do as well (i.e. taxes, billing, etc.). With all those things aside, we really do have so much fun most of the time, but it is not by any means easy!

#3 "So it's just like those HGTV shows"

The amount of people who think design goes just how they show it on HGTV is actually kind of crazy! Here is something to remember, just like every other thing you see on TV it is just a show and you only see so much of what goes on. They have definitely gotten better at showing obstacles that could come up, but those obstacles aren't always easily fixable and can take a lot of time. Many times the obstacle can affect the design itself as well so things have to be reconfigured or even reselected. Two MAJOR things that get falsely displayed on these shows is budget and timeline. These television series have a whole team and network to support them. Therefore their timelines are sped up and the budgets are supported by the show. Keep in mind the location as well...costs in places like Texas and Mississippi are much lower than California. Don't get us wrong there are some very talented people on those shows BUT what the shows portray aren't always practical or doable!

We hope this gives you guys a good idea of the hard work that designers do! We are so blessed to have such a creative job that we LOVE but like we said before it's not all rainbows and butterflies. Just like everyone else, we have our stressful situations as well!

Check back in next week for another blog post and let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors what kind of posts you guys would like to see! Until next time....




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