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Mixing Metals

Welcome back everyone! This week we're going to be talking about one of our favorite and somewhat newer design trends, mixing metals! Going over the why do we do it and how....

The thought of mixing gold and silver may sound like a disaster to some, so why do designers mix metals do you ask? We do it because it's pretty duhhh, just kidding.......kind of ;) In all seriousness mixing metals is really really pretty. If done correctly, it adds subtle interest to the space and gives it a little more dimension.

So now your next question is probably, well how do you mix metals? Truth be told it is actually quite easy with these helpful tips!

#1 Pick a dominant finish

Always always pick a dominant finish for the space. Basically that just means that you need one finish to be prominent in the design. By picking the dominant finish, you can then decide what will be your complimenting finish (what will be used subtly). Black or iron are two very safe dominant finish options as they compliment both warm and cool tones!

Black is the dominant finish here,

complimented by brass hardware and other details

#2 Stick to two finishes (3 max)

Remember the whole space isn't usually based off of two metal tones, aka there's tile, cabinetry, and countertops that come into play as well. With that being said, we want the design to be cohesive and not all over the place. Sticking to two finishes is often your best bet to adding the interest you're going for without being overwhelming. There are certain spaces where 3 finishes could work, if it's nothing overpowering and if all three tie into the rest of the design. Example: At one of our projects we're doing black window frames, but most of the plumbing and lighting are bronze and brass. The reason this works is because the black is actually carried throughout the house in cabinetry which makes it the dominant finish, with bronze and brass as the supporting finishes!

A little sneak peek at two of the spaces at the project we're referring to ;)

#3 Don't be afraid to mix cool and warm tones

Think of this rule of thumb like complimentary colors. Blue is a cool tone but is complimented well with orange which is a warm tone. Same thing goes for metal finishes! It is totally okay to mix silver and brass. The only catch that you should pay attention to are the undertones. Chrome is a very cool toned silver, and antique brass is usually a very warm toned brass. So it probably wouldn't be ideal to mix these two. That probably sounds really put it simply -- Don't be afraid to mix silver and brass, but make sure the undertone is the same.

Via Pinterest --- chrome and brass ---

notice how the chrome is the dominant finish in this space

We are all for mixing metals and hope the trend never goes away! It automatically adds something different and makes the design unique. If you have or plan on mixing metals on your own project we'd love to see some photos here or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! Until next time.....




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