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How To: Small Living Spaces

Not everyone is building a brand new home or remodeling, so how do you work with what ya got? Even harder, how do you work with a small space? We're here to help! Here are some ways to make the best use out of your space, no matter what size.

Living Room by Miya Interiors

Multi-Use Furniture

If you have limited square footage, try using pieces that can be used for multiple functions. Check out this bar cart that also doubles as a side table.

Source: HGTV

Bring the Eye Up

Maximize your vertical space by extending art all the way up your walls. Mount your curtains high, close to the ceiling to bring the eye up and give the illusion of a taller space.

Source: Lovemoney

Keep Furniture Open

Reduce visual clutter in your space by including furniture pieces with visible legs, like this metal frame coffee table and mid-century sofa.

Source: Havenly

Small spaces can be tricky, but we hope these tricks are helpful for sprucing up your space!

Let us know if you incorporate any of these tips in your home, and reach out to us on Instagram @naomiewertinteriors. Until next time...




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