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How To: Nursery Design

Why just stick with blue or pink? Time to step out of that cliche of nursery colors and get creative! There are so many fun new ideas for nurseries and we're here to share some of our how to's. Getting ready to bring a little one into the world is tiring and sometimes stressful (yet so rewarding), so adding the additional stress of trying to design a unique nursery isn't ideal. We want to help minimize that stress and make it an easier process for you and the baby (and probably hubby).

We get it, pink and blue are easy options and create less of a headache. Butttt we are all for neutrals and even other colors to be different! Here are some of our fave color options!

Another way to make the nursery unique is by doing an accent wall with a patterned wallpaper! There are so many cool wallpaper options now and a lot of the retail options are being designed to make it an easy DIY installation, without damaging the wall underneath should you decide to change it later on. Below are some really cute pattern options that could work for either girl or boy!

Left to Right: Etsy, Anthropologie, Murals Wallpaper US

The next step is to find accessories and furniture that really stand out to you and will be functional and safe for the little one. One of the best ways to get ideas and figure out what you like is on Pinterest (we do it sometimes too). Below are some concept boards we put together based on Pinterest photos we found!

Rugs and light fixtures are some other really fun ways to get creative! They also can both contribute some more texture or color to the space which are both important elements of design.

What do you guys think of these tips? Any tips to add? let us know in the comments here or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors. Stay tuned next week for a post all about the different design elements ot incorporate in a space! Cheers to another great week ladies and gentlemen!




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