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How To Declutter

There are a lot of people on Instagram posting stories about taking this time to organize and go through their things. Let's be real, not everyone is doing that nor should you feel bad if you aren't....but we did want to share some tips on how to declutter IF you would like to or are thinking of taking on some organizing.

#1 Take one area at a time

Trying to tackle an entire room at once is overwhelming and might make the process more difficult than it needs to be. Taking it one area at a time will hopefully make you feel a little less overwhelmed. By that we mean starting with your closet, or maybe your bathroom drawers/cabinetry and then if you would like to or if you have the time moving onto the next area. For the kitchen this is especially important as for most people it tends to hold the most amount of stuff. Perhaps start with all of the cabinetry one day and then tackle the pantry and refrigerator another day, whatever works for you!

#2 Order some organizers

Amazon and other retailers are still shipping which is amazing! Especially if you're decluttering. If you have a rough idea of what kind of organizers you'll need, it's definitely helpful to have them before you actually start so that you can organize as you go. On the other hand, it could also be more beneficial to organize first to determine what you'll need. Always make sure to measure your space and figure out what kind of storage bins will work best for what you are working with!

#3 Clean as you go

How often do the bottom of our drawers, inside of our cabinets, or shelves get cleaned? The answer is not very often, and if your answer is a lot.....please tell us your secrets. Therefore, as you organize the area you're organizing is probably going to be empty so you should clean it! It's a very simple step that takes little time but makes all the difference.

Hopefully these are some helpful tips if you're taking time to declutter! Do you guys like these blog posts that are more related to #stayinghome? Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! You can also share any before and afters of different spaces that you're tackling, we'd love to see! Good luck and happy cleaning!



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