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How To: Color

Often times figuring out the perfect color scheme can be difficult to figure out. But we're here to let you know, once you understand the basics of color it becomes easy peezy lemon squeezy!

As everyone knows, colors are ENDLESS. There's different values, saturation, undertones, the list goes on. When you see the word "hue" it's literally just a technical term for color. Value refers to the lightness and darkness of a color.....dark values (colors with black) are referred to as shades, and light values (colors with white) are referred to as tints. Then there are "tones" which are colors with grey. Saturation is kind of similar to value in the sense that it's literally how saturated the color is. For example, white isn't saturated at all, a true grey is 50% white and 50% black (making it half saturated), and black is fully saturated.


The next step in understanding which colors are complementary colors. Complimentary colors are easy once you memorize the color wheel. Once you know the color wheel, you're golden! There are different combinations of complementary colors....but to keep it simple, they're just whatever color is directly opposite from the other! Such as....Red and Green, Orange and Blue and Yellow and Purple!


Now that you know the basics, we can touch on how different colors express moods and feelings! It may be hard to believe, but certain colors really do make people feel a certain way. Designers often times use colors for that specific reason, especially in certain spaces. Click the link here ---> to understand how the psychology of color affects design!

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We also wanted to add something a little fun here and put a quiz in "What Color Are You?"...... We got blue! Click this link and let us know what color you got!

Did you guys enjoy this fun and different post? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Instagram at @naomiewertinteriors. Until next time!



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