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How To: Artwork!

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

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Let’s talk artwork! We feel like artwork is something that is often overlooked when it comes to design. It’s one of those things that although it usually comes as an afterthought, or a finishing touch, a good piece of artwork can really pull a space together. Here are some tips and tricks to help you choose that perfect piece of art to really make your space look perfect.

The first thing to consider is color. Are you trying to make a statement and add a pop of color? Or maybe you just want it to compliment other colors going on in the space. If the room is already pretty neutral, it might be a good idea to find an art piece with a pop of color(s) and then tie that in with some other accessories (i.e. pillows, table accessories, etc.). On the other hand, you could already have a lot of color going on. In that scenario, the better option would be to find a piece that compliments or brings in another element of those current colors. Remember whatever color you have going on is going to set the mood and create a significant amount of depth. Darker colors will make the room moodier, whereas lighter and brighter colors will make the space appear brighter or more airy and fun!

Along with choosing the best color scheme, there’s probably a certain style that you have in mind. The nice thing about artwork is that there are an endless amount of possibilities. In today’s world of design, art is definitely a subjective matter, however there are pretty clear indicators that determine what art styles compliment certain design styles. We tend to see more abstract paintings and photography in modern and contemporary homes. Whereas landscape paintings are more common in traditional homes. Mediterranean style homes are when we start to see more prints with simple lines or even text. But don’t let any of that stop you from choosing something that you love! As designers, we always work around what the client loves.

Once there’s a pretty clear idea of what look you’re going for, go ahead and pick up that tape measure (because obviously we want to make sure this art piece is going to fit and is to scale). Another fun way to get an idea of exactly what you’re trying to achieve is to tape out with painters tape certain sizes, layouts, etc. With horizontal walls, you’re probably going to want to go in the direction of either a horizontal, double, or triple photo layout. If we’re looking at a vertical wall it would make more sense to put a piece vertical. There is alway an option of a gallery wall as well, just make sure to play around with different layouts and don’t let it get too cluttered!

After you’ve found that perfect piece of artwork, it’s time to put it up! We always like to recommend that a professional hang artwork, more importantly if there needs to be a hole put in the wall. It’s never a good idea to go in blindly, especially if this is a valuable piece of art. If it is more of a DIY situation, just make sure you do lots of research and have all the right tools and materials!

Now it’s time to stand back and look at how beautiful and cohesive your space has become! Who knew that a piece of art could be what makes your room come together!

Check back next week for 3 days of design styles and keep up with our Instagram to see updates on our current projects and what we're loving at the moment!




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