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HERE'S TO 2018!

Updated: Jan 12, 2018

What is your new year resolution? What even are resolutions?! LOL Over at the office we sat down to talk about our goals for 2018. Can’t believe it’s already here! 2017 was crazy and successful but we’re ready to grow and improve. Now where to start…Below we are sharing our goals for the new year.

  1. Stay healthy- As an interior design firm we are always on the go so we need to be better at eating good foods and eating them regularly.

  2. Getting organized- Can you say binders?! We are going through everything old files, emails, samples, clothes, shoes you name it! It’s all got to go..

  3. Office Revamp- Change is hard you guys! I love my little office space right now, being that it is 5 steps from my bedroom. But as the company grows, we’re going to need more space.

  4. Staying motivated- It’s been raining and I don’t want to get out of bed. End of story.

  5. Taking more time for myself- As we refer back to number 4, this does become a challenge however, I think it is okay to take the weekend, close the office door and just be at home with my boyfriend, and pup.

  6. Breathe- Finally, to breathe and remember why I do what I do. Design is challenging and when clients get overwhelmed we tend to carry the burden ourselves. So this year we need to remember to take a step back with a deep breath.

2018 we are coming for you, and we are ready for all of the challenges and obstacles that will be thrown our way. Please share what your goals for the new year are, we can never have to many! Just have to try our best to reach as many as we can.


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1 Comment

Jan 14, 2018

Happy New Year Naomie! ❤️ You’re new look and your 2018 goals:). Mine are:

✔️Stay organized 😉

✔️Get. More. Sleep

✔️Double my income

✔️Travel 4 weeks this year

✔️Outsource the dreaded things I don’t like to do (SM, paperwork, billing)

✔️Stay in gratitude more often

✔️Stay connected with my awesome friends like YOU💕

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