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Flooring Materials

We've recently come across situations where clients (or even some contractors) are unsure of all the pros and cons of different flooring materials. It is definitely so important to understand the differences in floor materials! Everyone's home functions differently/everyone has a different end flooring is an important aspect. Our goal with this blog is to help educate and help readers grow their knowledge & know their options when it comes to this topic. We want you guys to walk away from reading feeling like you learned something, and more importantly we want our readers to feel happy reading our content! Now done with all of the chit chat let's jump into different flooring options!


This is definitely the most common and often times the most beautiful flooring option. However, there are pros and cons to everything!

Pros: Endless variety of color/finishes/wood types, durable, considered an upgrade, more aesthetically pleasing, works with all styles of design, increases and holds value, not a ton of maintenance

Cons: Can be a more costly option, softer woods scratch/blemish easier, occasionally noisy, not good in areas that get wet a lot/hold moisture (this can cause them to warp and hold moisture creating mold)

We are definitely pro hardwood because it looks beautiful and holds its value, but we understand it's not for everyone!

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Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl has come a long long way. We used to shutter at the sound of it & it used to look as cheap as it costs, but it's definitely come a long way in terms of quality, appearance AND performance! This is a good alternative for those who don't want to break the bank and still want the look of hardwood. There are different levels of quality, and of course the price goes up slightly with the higher quality vinyl planks. All vinyl is water resistant, but there are some manufacturers that carry completely water proof options! Vinyl is actually used in a lot of hospital settings if that's at all telling to its durability. So those with pets and kids love this option.

Pros: Cost effective, looks the part, color variety, water resistant/proof, easier installation, gives insulation and sound proofing, easier on your feet, can usually go on top of any existing flooring (consult professional), relatively easy to repair.

Cons: Does not increase value, can scratch, can require a lot of floor prep if uneven, there are still really cheap vinyls (visually and quality), may have to replace earlier than other options.

We're super neutral when it comes to luxury vinyl. We obviously don't recommend it as the first option, but sometimes it's more fitting for certain clients lifestyles!

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Tile is used universally. However, porcelain tile in particular is the preferred and more durable option for flooring (opposed to ceramic). There is an abundance of different patterns, shapes, colors, textures, you name it there's probably a tile for it. There's even tile that pretends to be wood! (We don't love the whole pretending act).

Pros: Can mimic pretty much any other material, DURABLE, resistant to liquids, there's a level of stain resistance, lower maintenance, majority is fireproof, long lifespan, if damage does occur repair is doable (keep extra material upon installation to ensure color match for future damages).

Cons: Can be costly (product and installation due to durability), no regulations that state there must be specific characteristics labeled, difficult installation, grout maintenance.

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We don't love mentioning laminate, as we probably wouldn't recommend it on most projects, but sometimes it just fits the bill. Annnnd of course, we're here to educate!

Pros: Very easy installation, easy maintenance, affordable, has a wear-layer keeping it less susceptible to damages, easier on the feet, variety of colors, can look real.

Cons: Feels and can look cheap, susceptible to moisture damage, can't be refinished (once it's done it's done), synthetic, not eco-friendly for recycling purposes, transition strips (which we loathe) can end up in the most inopportune locations.

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We hope you guys learned all about different flooring options! There are different levels of quality to each just like anything else, but it's clear that different materials work for different households. It's whatever the function is going to be as well as what's in the budget. Which is your favorite? Which would you choose for your home? Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! Check back next week for another fun post!




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