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The summer months and warm weather have quickly approached, school has come to an end, and for most people that means traveling begins. Now let's be real, most of us don't travel for the hotel...but it isn't too shabby when the place you're crashing for the duration of your stay is just as beautiful as the surroundings. In this week's blog post, we're compiling a few hotels that have jaw dropping interiors and make us want to jump on a plane and go!

Let's start with hotels in the US...

Riggs Washington DC

"To step inside our soaring entrance is to become a part of the past, present, and future of the Penn Quarter. Constructed in 1891 as a headquarters for Riggs National Bank, the landmark example of Richardson Romanesque architecture was known as the Bank of Presidents..." (

They said it best - these spaces emerge you in the past, present, and future. With architecture that has a Romanesque, almost cathedral-like feel; classic materials + finishes; and layers of modern and vintage, in none other than the Capital of the Unites States!

Nobu Hotel Chicago

"An urban retreat located in the heart of Chicago’s famed Fulton Market; Nobu Hotel Chicago combines the artistic vibe of Chicago with the spirit of Nobu...seamlessly blend old-world Japanese influences with ultra-modern design." (

The blend of modern details and the simplicity of Japanese design give a high-end feeling, with luxurious sushi just steps away from your room!

Commodore Perry Estate Austin, Texas

"Reimagined by internationally renowned designer Ken Fulk, this private retreat brings a new level of contemporary glamour and whimsical soul to Austin. A modern interpretation of a residential estate from yesteryear, these picturesque grounds offer a welcoming 10-acre setting in the heart of the city. It's the beginning of something special." (

This beautiful estate brings a European vibe right to the Texas of all places. There's an old world feel with the mix of textures, patterns, and materials which adds a richness and character - and how could you complain about the grounds! They even have weddings here.

Around the World...

Six Sense Fiji

"A refreshing take on the fabled South Pacific" (

It's just about as tropical as you can get! All the natural woods, straw + wicker, and crisp white linens are the perfect elements to bring the tropical surroundings right into the space.

la Narcisse Blanc Paris

" exclusive establishment at the heart of a historic neighbourhood in which was written the legend of Paris, the ‘City of Light’. Between history and modernity, romance and comfort, our hotel-spa offers a unique change of scenery, a plunge into the culture, the art, and typically Parisian well-being." (

Paris is known for being romantic and this hotel doesn't fall short with its classic romance feel and luxurious finishes. The contrast of moulding and modern lighting is a look we swoon over!

Andronis Arcadia

"The moments here reflect our origins — a private haven over the Aegean water, curated over time, full of romantic stories, art & memories that’ll last a lifetime." (

Located in Greece, even in the simplicity of the hotel's design, it shines. The crisp white complemented by light natural woods has an underlying feel of Scandinavian design, and still allows the beauty that is Greece steal the show.

Talk about dreamy! We're desperately wanting to hop on a plane and go travel the world now, one can hope right? Where is everyone traveling to this summer?! Let us know in the comments or over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors :) Until next time...


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