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Day In the Life

Many people might be curious as to what the average day is for an Interior Designer. Well, to be quite honest, no day is ever the same. That's actually part of the reason our job is so fun, because we never know what to expect!

Generally, we're running around doing lots of different things. Sometimes we have multiple meetings that can go anywhere from 2-4 hours, whether that's with clients, builders, architects or all of thee above! We're constantly meeting with clients and builders throughout the project to check the progress, and make sure our design is being implemented to our exact specifications so the project runs smoothly, as much as we can help it.

Something else we tend to do a lot is go to showrooms. That usually includes specifying plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, tile & grout, pulling fabrics, finish swatches, rug swatches, looking at furniture pieces, etc. This is just part of the process and often times we have to go multiple times for each job. Nothing happens overnight!

A lot of our time is consumed with office work. Finding product online, putting together proposals and orders, emailing back and forth with clients and vendors, and calling vendors. All of the stuff that goes on behind the scenes that most people don't necessarily remember that we do. There's so much more that goes into our job than just shopping!

Many days are a combination of these things, but we truly never know what each day is going to look like. Even though our schedule may be crazy and it's a lot of work, the outcome is so rewarding. Like we always say, we love what we do!

Make sure to follow us on Instagram @naomiewertinteriors and let us know what a day in your life looks like! Check back next week for the October Concept of the Month!




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