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Current Projects

Welcome back everyone! This week we want to give you a little behind the scenes into the projects we're currently working on. There isn't one like another which is so much fun because we have such a variety happening! Below are some brief descriptions and progress pictures (if we have them).....enjoy :)

Bradley Ave.

This modern mediterranean remodel is going to be quite the transformation, ladies and gentlemen! The current home is very traditional and not super functional for the family, so we're going to change that! The architect really opened up the home and our goal is to really brighten it up and add some "wow" moments. It's currently still in the decision making process and finalizing finishes, but we are getting so close to demo and can't wait to start sharing more of that! Below are some concepts that we have going on!

Bonnie Clare Ln.

Aside from being the cutest street name ever, this remodel is going to be just as cute. We have some really great tiles going in at this project that are going to make all the difference! The kitchen, guest bath, master bath, and laundry room are the key spaces that are getting a facelift and we are so excited for demo/tile to start in the next couple weeks! (Photos to come)

Rani Ct.

Talk about a modern masterpiece. This new build is moving quick, keeping us moving in high gear and we are loving every second! Because it is such a large and grand home, we have a lot of statements that are definitely "wow" moments....and we can't wait to share more ;) Below are some progress photos!

Acalanes Ave.

Another spec home going on people! Who doesn't love a modern farmhouse home? We are having some major fun with this one.....there may or may not be a navy blue island in the kitchen, say what?! Heck yes we went there and we're just a little excited. This home also features the cutest jack & jill bathroom! We can't wait to see everything pull together. Here's a peek at our tile concepts!

Canyon Lakes Way

A whole downstairs remodel for this project, another modern farmhouse you say? The overall concept for this project is definitely farmhouse but we like to think it has a fun twist to it. This may or may not be the most unique island we've done and it's definitely going to be a showstopper. We have some gorgeous finishes and tile going in....counting the days until demo, stay tuned!

Woodland Ave.

Another modern master bath remodel in the works with an indoor /outdoor patio area! Currently very traditional with dark wood tones.....turning into a bright space with grays and whites, with lots of horizontal linear tile and clean modern plumbing. Stay tuned for more!

Circle Creek

Farmhouse......but classic meets modern here. This new build is in the VERY beginning stages, but we are definitely making some moves in decision making. There are going to be modern elements, and there are going to be very classic elements, hense "classic meets modern". We're convinced the end product is going to be a work of art ;)


Super out of the ordinary from our residential projects, we're collaborating on a few restaurant remodels in Walnut Creek and Lafayette. More details to come :)

Sky Terrace

This project is basically our baby. We have seen it absolutely transform and turn into an architectural/design masterpiece. It is a project that is primarily done, but we continue to build upon and add more small design elements. Something a lot of designers don't always mention.....some projects take TIME. What a crazy thought right?! We hold this home near and dear to our hearts and will work on it until every single detail is completed. Below are some "final" photographs. Still curating artwork and outdoor furniture for a final reveal sometime later this year :)

Each project we have going on is super exciting and we are so lucky to have the most amazing clients! If you're curious to see more, we suggest you follow us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors where we post all of our project updates and share some behind the scenes! Which project are you most excited to see? Let us know! Let us know if there is anything that you want to know more about. Until next time....wishing you all the best week.




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