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Crafting an Outdoor Space

Source: Sutherland Furniture

Whether you have a small balcony patio or an expansive backyard, your outdoor space can serve as an extension of your indoor space. Here are some tips on how to continue your design style to the outside and create a cozy inviting space for you and your guests to enjoy throughout the warm months.


Source: Oka

Creating a successful outdoor space always starts with comfortable seating. Center your seating around a coffee table or ottoman for a setup that encourages conversation. Choose fabrics that are made for outdoors - you'll want pieces that can hold up to the harsh sun rays and be exposed to the elements without falling apart. Be sure to cover up your furniture when not in use during the off-season.


Source: Kate Anne Designs

There's no need to end the party when the sun sets! The right lighting can create a warm ambiance that allows you to continue hanging out late into the night. Market lights strung across the space are always a great option, or go with a chandelier hung over a dining table (just make sure your fixtures are damp rated if in a covered space, or wet rated if uncovered).


Source: Lulu and Georgia

Adding a rug helps to define a space and provide a nice surface underfoot. Go for one with a low pile in a durable fabric such as polypropylene, or jute if you prefer a natural fiber. Throw pillows and blankets draped over seating areas add another layer of coziness.


Source: Summer Classics

Wheel out a bar cart to serve up your favorite cocktails, or you can also use it as a place to serve food and snacks while entertaining. Style it with fresh herbs from the garden, some barware, and drinks - you'll be the host with the most!

Thanks for stopping by! Let us know if you incorporate any of these tips, or share how you like to style your outdoor space by reaching out on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors.



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