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Concept of the Month: September

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Can you guys believe it's already September?! In our last "Concept of the Month" post we talked about recessed baseboards, which of course we're still loving. But this week we're going to be covering (no pun intended) something a little less subtle.....wallpaper! Wallpaper is the more universal term but in the design world we like to call it wall coverings.

Wall coverings are becoming more and more popular and they're such a fun way to spice things up in any space. Whether it's in a kid's room, an office, or maybe you want something fun and spunky in your living room, wall coverings are going to be your ideal decision. They come in so many different patterns, styles, and even textures, they're a great way to express yourself! Like most other things, it should be done by a professional because well, bubbles and ripples are not a cute look. Yuck! If you're going to take the plunge and go for it, just remember, only one accent wall (unless its a powder room or small space that can handle the drama)! In a large space if it gets taken over to more than one wall it could become overwhelming and won't be as special, chic or cohesive. If we use a wall covering, we like to keep the furniture and accessories more simple so that it doesn't become too busy. Think of it this way, it's just a more unique way to add art to a space!

via Pinterest

If you're scared to try it, don't be! We're here to help ;) But in all seriousness, it really is such a fun way to bring in color, texture, and add a little something to what would be a boring or bland space.

We hope you guys loved this week's post! We love the feedback we've been getting on our recent Instagram posts @naomiewertinteriors, and we'd love to hear more feedback about the blog. Keep up on our Instagram for more sneak peeks of our current projects. Ciao for now, we'll be back next week with another exciting post!




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