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Concept of the Month: October

We're just as shocked as you probably all are that it's already time for this post again. This month we're going to be talking about a concept that we've been using in pretty much every kitchen remodel and that is.......giant kitchen islands! Most of the remodels we've been doing are at a larger scale, so the large islands have been an amazing element to really fit the space well.

Large kitchen islands aren't just good for filling the space, they also give extra counter space and more opportunity for storage! A large island also gives so many more design opportunities. One of the main ways to really make a large island unique and stand out is to make it a different color/finish. This adds contrast and sometimes even adds color to a space.

Another really amazing thing about large islands is how much fun you can have with the countertop materials. Why just stop at one giant slab of Quartz or Marble?! A great way to break up that large countertop is to add a wood block or a contrasting slab with maybe less veining and movement! This super cool design technique really works in any type of kitchen depending on what finishes are chosen and most sizes and kitchen spaces determine what works best. We've used it in multiple projects and plan to continue doing so moving forward!

First photo: El Nido Project- mixed material and waterfall edge

Second, third, and fourth photos: via Pinterest

Also, can we just mention how incredible large islands look with a waterfall edge? Waterfall edges have blown up in the design industry over the last several years and we are not complaining one bit. They make a space look so clean and sleek and really add such an amazing design element.

Hope you all enjoyed this Concept of the Month and we'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts! Are you also loving large islands and all the amazing design opportunities that come with them? Or maybe you don't, we would still love to hear why! Leave a comment here or Instagram @naomiewertinteriors with any questions and we'll get back to you asap. Have a great week everyone and cheers to next week being November!




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