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Concept of the Month: August

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Hope everyone had an amazing Labor Day weekend! We’re going to start a new thing here on our blog, so get excited! At the end of every month we’re going to be going over our favorite concept or trend at that moment. Most of them being concepts that we’re using a lot in clients’ homes!

This month one of our favorite concepts that we’ve been using is the recessed baseboard. You may be asking, what exactly is that? Think of it this way, your standard baseboard, but flush with the wall. It looks like the wall is from floor to ceiling, with a groove about 3-4 inches above floor level. Installation should 110% be done by a professional as it’s something that if done wrong, won’t look at all like you want it to.

Recessed baseboards are definitely a very sleek look, so we’re using them more in modern and contemporary homes. Although it’s subtle it adds such a cool element of design to any space. Being flush with the wall, it makes for the most seamless and minimalistic detail that can make all the difference. As an added bonus, it doesn’t collect as much dust!

Let us know your opinions on this concept or a different concept that you’re loving in the comments! Like always, make sure to check back next week and keep up with us on Instagram @naomiewertinteriors for updates on all of our current projects!




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