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Can you say Spring fling?

Not sure about you all, but we here at Naomie Wert Interiors are kinda over winter... dang groundhog! Don't get us wrong we love a great cozy sweater and snuggling up in front of a fire, but we're also ready for some fun in the sun! Today we decided to help put some pep in your step and share what we do to bring that Spring feeling into our lives, all the while trying to enjoy the last few weeks of winter.

1. Light a fresh scented candle. It will bring the smell of Spring air right into your living room. Roses.. Rosé.. either works for us!

2. Change out every day accessories with softer colors, such as this blush blanket & throw pillow to liven up the space(s) in your home that need it.

3. Add vases filled with fresh flowers throughout the house; kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and even ... your closet, if this is where you get work done... for an instant romantic feel & a refreshing scent!

4. Edit. Declutter. Organize! Spring cleaning is a thing and everyone is doing it. It makes a world of difference and it literally feels like a weight lifted off your shoulders when you go through your closet, make up, pantry, linen closet, etc. and clear out the junk you don't need or use anymore. If you need a little extra encouragement call my dear friend Karen Rolleri at Organizeology... she is ahhhh-mazing!

5. Finally, add something fun to the entry of your home... feel ready to welcome guests inside by adding accessories that lend themselves to the Spring vibe you are trying to create.

Please share what you implement in your home to make it feel a like more like Spring a little sooner. Stay tuned next week for more design tips! Let us know if there is anything you want to know about.


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