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Back to School: Dorm Decor Ideas!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to our blog - we've been quite busy and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. But we're back and we wanted to come back with a super fun post! With school starting again and kids going back to college, we thought it could be fun to share some inexpensive ways to spruce up a dorm room. These tips can be used for any situation too - kids' rooms, nurseries, even your own room!

Let's start with the base (we're just going to use this photo we found online for reference)


The first step to making the space feel a little bit cozier and more personalized. We like to choose a neutral base for the main bedding, and then add contrasting colors and textures in the pillows and throw blanket!

Window Treatments

We would then add some sort of window treatment. In this scenario drapery is the most cost effective option!


In every space, art automatically adds a pop of color and interest!


I think most dorms have a desk already, which can easily be accessorized and spruced up. In this space however, we would probably put the desk in front of the window to also double as a nightstand!

Finishing Layers

Rugs, greenery, etc.....all make a space feel completed

Tada!! Two functional and beautiful dorm spaces. Sometimes decorating or furnishing a space can feel overwhelming, but if you think of it in layers it makes the process feel much more accomplishable! We hope this inspires you whether you're living in a dorm, redecorating your kids rooms, or maybe redecorating your own room. If you replicate these looks or they inspire you in any way send us your pictures on Instagram @naomiewertinteriors - until next time....



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