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Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Welcome back ladies and gents! This week we’re going to be diving in to different characteristics of popular design styles. Below the photos are listed some key characteristics of each style to help you distinguish what makes each one unique. Feel free to also take the fun quiz linked below to see which design style best fits you. Without further ado let’s jump right into it!


Modern homes are all the rage right now and our clients are definitely leaning towards this style. For some reason when people think of modern, they tend to throw out adjectives like “boring” or “sterile”. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, the modern style is so much fun! There are a ton of super cool architectural elements when it comes to Modern design. And since everything has such clean lines it has to be perfect in order for it to look seamless.

Clean lines, Symmetry, Contrast, Open , Uncluttered, Abstract, Sophisticated


Next up is Traditional design. This is a design style that will never go out of style. Another word that comes to mind is Classic. Traditional homes have so much depth and detailing that you probably won’t find in many other design styles. Each detail is thoroughly thought out and most traditional homes tell a story.

Elaborate, Darker wood, Antique, Intricate details, Rich colors


Mediterranean design can somewhat compliment or share the same characteristics as Traditional. What makes Mediterranean so unique is the materials we see. Limestone is actually one of the most used materials in this design style which creates an absolutely beautiful look. Much like traditional, there are so many intricate details.

Colorful accents, Textured limestone, Curves, Arches, Iron, Hand carved furniture, Textiles


Now Industrial design is a trend we’re seeing a lot of in coffee shops, restaurants, etc. It makes for a very rustic, unfinished, comfortable setting. Industrial is a design style that tends to be more masculine because it has such a rugged feel with more of a “factory” look. It’s a super cool way to make any space look more edgy or hip.

Unfinished look, Metal, Wood, Mechanical, Factory, Vintage materials, Concrete, Brick, Neutral colors


The one we’re sure you’ve all been waiting for…...Farmhouse! This style is right up there with Modern design. Everybody and their mommas are loving the farmhouse look for their homes. Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines we have seen this style take off in the design world, and we love it! Who doesn’t want their home to look like it could be the finished product from an episode of Fixer Upper?! The farmhouse style brings so many welcoming and cozy design elements to really make a house feel like a home.

Lots of white, Rustic, Old meets new, Layout family oriented, Cozy, Natural woods, Bright

Like we said, these are the main design styles that we tend to work with! It’s even totally okay to mix and match different design styles to make it your own. Remember it’s always important to design your home the way YOU will love it, and that’s our goal too! Linked below is a super fun quiz to find out what your design style is! Let us know in the comments what your results were and check back next week for our current “Favorites”!

Until then, follow us on Instagram to keep up with our current projects @naomiewertinteriors.




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