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A-Z of Design

We wanted to do something a little fun and different in this week's blog post so we're coming at you with an A-Z list of design terms! Drum roll please....

A- Accessorize

Are you surprised this is what we chose for A? Accessorizing is definitely one of the final stages (if not the final stage) of the design process, but good accessories totally pull the design together

B- Balance

One of the key elements of design!

C- Color

Adding pops of color here and there is definitely a must, whether it's bright or muted

D- Drapery

All window treatments make a difference and drapery definitely isn't for every style of design, but it's another element that can really pull a space together!


Elevations are flat drawings viewed from the horizontal plane (usually each wall). These are super important because they give clients an idea and more importantly they're great for contractors to refer back to

F- Finishes

Finishes refer to any surface material, color, or stain

G- Grout

That stubborn stuff between your tile that's hard to clean! ;) If done correctly, grout can really make the tile pop or look super seamless, depending on the look

H- Hue

The hue refers to a color tone, so basically the color itself. It's important to know your colors in order to match finishes correctly!

I- International

Interior design is an international trade, interpreted differently by many. There are also very many beautifully well-made products around the world

J- Jacquard

Intricate fabric designs, more suitable for a transitional/traditional look

K- Kitchen

Where the heart of the home is, and usually our favorite to design!

L- Lifestyle

There were a lot of different options for L, but ultimately interior design should reflect and encompass the clients' lifestyles

M- Modern

One of the more popular design styles, it's amazing because modern design can pair well/be incorporated with many other styles

N- Niche

Shelving built into the wall (recessed), usually in showers to eliminate taking up space in the overall footprint of the space

O- Occasional Furniture

All of the pieces that get used a lot but aren't a necessity, but we definitely feel like they complete the space....i.e. coffee tables, end tables, console tables, etc.

P- Proportion

Another very important design element, making sure all furniture and objects are not only proportionate to the space, but to each other

Q- Quilt

A thinner bed covering usually to add a pop of color or pattern to complement main bedding

R- Rugs

One of our favorite pieces to shop for! Rugs ALWAYS complete the space

S- Style

Everyone has a different style and it's our job to help them find it or see it come to life!

T- Throw Pillow

Some people love 'em some people hate 'em, we LOVE them. Throw pillows are sucha fun way to add color, texture, pattern, you name it!

U- Upholstery

Any form of furniture that is covered in a type of fabric

V- Vanity

Where you get ready in the morning and at night! The whole area of cabinetry, mirrors, countertops, and sinks in a bathroom is considered the vanity

W- Wallcovering(wallpaper)

It has come such a long way! Wallcoverings are perfect for bringing in something different to the space

X- X-Chair

A style chair predominantly used in classic farmhouse and traditional settings, usually the dining chairs

Y- You

Our job is all about YOU! Your home, your decisions, your way.

Z- Zest

Designs should zest up your life!

We hope you all enjoyed this funky blog post! Let us know if you can come up with any other terms for each letter! As always, keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors to see all the behind the scenes of our projects. Until next time....




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