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3 Ways to Style an Entry

The entryway is the first space that you and your guests will see as they step foot into your home. This is your chance to make a good first impression and introduce people to your aesthetic that will continue throughout your space!

Here are three different concepts we put together for three different sized entryways, showing how to maximize your space for the most design impact, no matter the size.

This first concept is for an entry that is tight on space and doesn't not have enough wall space for a full console table. Even with a small entry, you can still fit in a side table, repurpose a wood stool, or find an object that can be used as a pedestal to place a catchall bowl for your keys and other miscellaneous items. Hang a nice print above the table, layer a table lamp to brighten up the space, and add a small plant for a pop of greenery.

This concept is for a more medium size entry with room for a console table. Here we styled one with an open bottom, and grounded it with baskets that are perfect for storing shoes. A round mirror above the console provides a chance to check your reflection before heading out the door. This flushmount fixture is a great option if you don't have super high ceilings in your entry but still want to add something decorative.

This final concept is for a larger space with a statement-making entry. In this concept we started with a large antiqued floor mirror and added a streamlined bench layered in front for a comfortable place to take off shoes. The sculptural console table with an arched base adds a fun shape, and we kept it minimal with the accessories in order to let the other pieces really shine. The space is tied together with a globe chandelier that helps to bring the eye up and give that "wow" factor!

Those are our 3 ways to style an entry. Here's to making the entry less of an afterthought, and more of a welcoming space in the home. How have you styled your entry? Let us know down below in the comments, or share a pic over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors.



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