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3 Tips for Exquisite Christmas Decor

With Christmas right around the corner (crazy right?!), we wanted to share 3 tips to make your Christmas decor look absolutely exquisite!

#1 Pick a Theme

What theme are you going for? Are you looking for more traditional, minimalist, luxurious, or maybe even a farmhouse Christmas theme? Narrowing it down to what look you're going for will really help with the overall process. Christmas doesn't always have to be your standard traditional decor, and you should be able to have fun with styling!

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#2 Color Scheme

Once you've decided what theme you're going for, it's time to pick a color scheme! Now depending on what theme or style you chose, will somewhat determine what color scheme you want to go for, but you can really find options for anything. Some really trendy color schemes right now are white (winter wonderland), silver, rose-gold, champagne, and gold. The metallics have really taken off the past couple of years, and we're not complaining because they're absolutely beautiful! We're also seeing a lot of minimalist decor going on with handmade wreaths, garland, and other very natural (minimalist) decor pieces.

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#3 Shop at your Local Small Businesses

Believe it or not some of the most gorgeous, unique Christmas decor pieces can be found in your local shops. Not only would you be getting unique (and most likely homemade) decor, but you'd be supporting a local small business! There are really so many different small shops all over and a lot of them actually thrive off of the Christmas season. Sometimes they're a little more well known, and others you may just come across while you're walking around town! Near us in the Bay Area, there are some really cute shops in Napa, downtown Placerville, Lafayette, and Danville/Alamo. You can even make a fun day trip out of going to Napa or Placerville!

Hopefully these are 3 tips that can help kickstart your Christmas styling experience. Being a small business ourselves, we love to support our other small business owners. If you have your own tips that you live by or have any more to add, we'd love to hear them! Leave us a comment on here our over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors, and as always check back next week for another blog post!




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