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How to Arrange Your Bedding Like a Pro

The great bed debate! Not a debate really, more like personal preference. It may be a debate between spouses at times (too many pillows? Never!), but making my bed look and feel its coziest is of utmost importance to me. In today’s blog we’re going to discuss bedding, throws, and pillows, and how to arrange them all so you can feel like you’re living in luxury in your own home.

Many people have different ways of making their bed every day, and maybe you don’t make your bed every day (we’re not judging!), but we can all agree that it sure feels nice to get in to a nicely made bed at night, with crisp sheets and cozy linens. We’re here to make it easy on you, whether you want a simple bedding lineup, or if you want your bed to look like it belongs in a 5 star hotel.

A basic starting point is to begin with your fitted and flat sheets. If you want to add some nice layers and texture, the next step would be to add a waffle blanket or quilt, then fold your comforter or insert/duvet in thirds at the end of the bed. Layer a light blanket over that for added color and texture. If you want to keep it simple, eliminate the blanket or quilt, and just fold the comforter down to still give it a layered look.

Your pillow arrangements will depend on the size of your bed. Be sure to play around with different sizes, textures, and patterns. Here are a couple great diagrams that break down pillow sizes and arrangements for easy reference:

It's as simple as that! We hope you enjoyed this post, make sure to tag us on social media with photos of your cozy beds!

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