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Phases of Design: Phase 4...Design Development

Phase 4 is when we really begin to see the design start to come to life. Referring to it as the "Design Development" phase is actually pretty self explanatory! To be completely honest, in the grand scheme of things this phase isn't as lengthy of a process compared to the others.

However, it is very important. During this phase, we are essentially finalizing manufacturers, products, finishes, etc. It's the process of getting down to the nitty gritty and saying "this is what we're doing". It isn't just that simple though. There are still the constraints of the project, one of those constraints being budget. Say the original finish idea that was shown to the client is top dollar, so it doesn't necessarily fit in their budget. 98% of the time, you will need to provide a similar option that meets the requirements without going out of the client's price range. That other 2% could be a rare situation where we are able to chat with our client's and explore the option of splurging on a higher quality, longer lasting product.

Concept for current project

Even with that being said, we would never provide the client with a "cheap" product per say. As designers, it's our job to provide our client's with products that are reliable and worth their money, on every point of the spectrum.

During this phase it's also important that we're constantly in communication with the contractor on the project. We're constantly getting estimates, back and forth phone calls, you name it...we're probably doing it. There are a ton of moving parts in design and we can't stress enough how important communication is to try and make sure we're all on the same page.

After running around like chickens with our heads cut off (kidding.......kinda), we can sit back for a *quick* minute and take a look at all of our final decisions. Hence why we're able to see the beginning stages of our design come to life! Being designers, we're creative brained, so most of the time we have a visual of the design the entire time. However, there are times where we visualize it, but it doesn't start to come to life until we have physical products or finishes in front of us. This of course helps the clients visualize better as well!

Stay tuned for part 2 of phase documents! As always, hop on over to our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors to keep up with all of our projects and see some behind the scenes. Ta ta for now, have a great week!




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