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Home DIY's

We've noticed a lot of people doing some major cleaning, organizing, and taking care of some lingering home projects. We wanted to get in on the DIY fun and share some cute ideas that you could add throughout your home!

#1 Fun accent entry wall/coat rack

You can get super creative here! There are a ton of really cute wallpapers that you could order as well, and the paint options are endless. It's a really great way to define the entry especially if you don't necessarily even have one that is truly defined!

#2 Outdoor Sofa

This is definitely for those who are more "handy", but the final product is so good! There are a lot of possibilities with this DIY as well. With the correct planning it could be turned into a sectional, a chair, or a bench! There are endless possibilities with the cushions and finish of the wood as well, to fabric/color/fill and the wood could be stained or painted!

#3 Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are pretty much useful anywhere; pantry, kitchen, bathroom, office, the list goes on! We're sharing two options here, a classic wood and bracket floating shelf and a leather strap shelf (say whatttt), both are so cute!

#4 Feature Walls

Feature walls are all the rage right now. Aside from the obvious of ordering a fun wallpaper, there are some other really creative ways to create a feature wall, here are a few different ideas!

What do you guys think, will you be trying any of these? If you do let us know and send us pictures over on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors! Happy DIYing!! Until next week.....




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