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Concept Boards

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm sure a lot of you can relate, when the holidays come around it can be easy to lack motivation. One of our favorite ways to stay motivated is to have fun with the resources that we have. Most of the time we make concept boards for our clients that just want a furniture revamp, but in your case you might just want to see what your space would look like with a different style, or maybe you're just bored and want to see if you have knack for design!

When working with clients, our main goal is give them an idea of what their new space can look like. After meeting with them and taking notes, we then use those notes to create a concept board to show the client's our vision based on their wants & needs. First you have to identify their style, budget and inspiration then it's usually best to find your staple piece to work around i.e, a great area rug or a piece of art. After that it's really just a matter of putting key elements together. Below are a couple different concept boards for different spaces to give you all an idea of what a concept board looks like! The left is more custom to trade as we're using it on a current project, whereas the right is a more affordable, universal design.

We hope this gives you all a better idea of what a concept board entails! This is one of those things that makes our job SUPER fun. We get to shop and find good custom products that suit our client's homes and help them visualize what their new space will look like! Keep up with us on our Instagram @naomiewertinteriors to see when we share the before and afters of the space from the left concept. As always, stay tuned for next week's post. It will be our "Concept of the Month: November", how crazy that this year is almost over!




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